Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day ( Lake Barrine)



We were up north in Australia, somewhere beyond Cairns.

We were blessed with another Good Day visiting Lake Barrine.

The water in the lake was pristine with lots of flora and fauna and there was a lot of wild life on the shores of the lake.CIMG0536

After taking a cruise on the lake, we took a rest in a cafe there, entertaining ourselves with the best scones and tea we ever had.

Then we took a stroll by the lakeside and captured more photos.

This photo shows everything I needed that day. If I need a boat ride, there is a boat tied up there. If I wanted a rest under the shade, there was a bench.

What else do I need?

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Top Ten Longest Rivers In The World


Top 10 Pictures

Top Ten Longest Rivers In The World

#1 – Nile (4,180 miles)

The longest river in the world, the river Nile, starts at the Tributaries of Lake Victoria, Africa and runs into the Mediterranean Sea.


#2 – Amazon (3,912 miles)

The Amazon river starts in Glacier-fed lakes, Peru and ends in the Atlantic Ocean


3 Yangtze River

The Chang Jiang or Yangtze river begins at the Tibetan plateau, China and leads to the China Sea.


4 Huang He River

The Huang He or Yellow river, on of the longest rivers in the world, begins its journey in the Eastern part of the Kunlan Mountains, West China and ends in the Gulf of Chihli.


5 Ob-Irtysh River

The river Ob starts at the Altai Mountains, Russia and ends at the Gulf of Ob


6 Amur River

The Amur River or Heilong river is the worlds sixth longest river in the world,the…

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